How to get pick up request from yourbhangarwala

When you go to our website you can see menu bar in that you can option like Home, Item we accept, Contact us, About, FAQs, and Help.

Once you click to the Home you can see four option,

Call Now__ Sell Now__ Bulk Sell__ Donate

Call Now: The call now is the option where you can book pick up request by call.

Sell Now: If you have the scrap up to 50 KG can click on sell now option for booking pick up request.

Bulk Sell: If you have more then 50 KG scrap you can click to Bulk Sell for booking pick up request.

Donate: To support us you can Dontae the scrap as funding to Swachh Bharat Mission.

If you want to give us feedback you can see right end side of the website.

You can also share this page you can see left end side of the website.

You can follow us on social media also.